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Our approach and services

At Akabana Consulting we offer a wide range of publishing, editorial, analytical, market research and science communication consulting services tailored to the needs of our clients, whether they be non-profit learned societies publishers, for profit commercial scholarly publishers, leading research institution or government agencies. We advise on publishing strategy, portfolio development, editorial development, open access strategy, current publishing trends, as well as offering editing and bespoke content creation, publication design, marketing strategies, survey design and outreach activities.


Akabana Consulting has a global outlook and international experience and also offers Japanese - English - Japanese translating and interpreting services, and advice on Asia-Pacific business culture.


Publishing Services

  • Publishing strategy

  • Portfolio development

  • New journal launches

  • Publishing policies

  • Governance advisories


Market Intelligence

and Analysis

  • Industry trend analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Environmental scans

  • Customer experience analysis

  • Research interviews & focus groups

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Editorial Services

  • Peer review policies  

  • Editorial workflow analysis

  • Editorial metrics benchmarking

  • Customer experience analysis

  • Print publication design


Science Communication services

  • Research highlighting services

  • Online and print content creation

  • Promotional material design

  • Market and customer surveys

  • Advertising campaigns

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Open Access

  • OA business models

  • OA pricing strategy

  • Transformative agreements

  • OA journal design

  • Open science policies


Japanese-English Business Services

  • Document translation

  • Consecutive interpreting

  • Asia-Pacific business strategy

  • Meeting representation

  • APAC agency services

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