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Matthew Salter, PhD

Founder and CEO, Akabana Consulting

Matthew Salter, PhD is the founder and CEO of Akabana Consulting LLC. Following a successful career in academic research at leading institutions in the UK and Japan, Matthew transitioned into STEM publishing and science communication and has worked in senior roles at internationally renowned commercial and learned society publishers.

Matthew's work is driven by a passion for science and scholarship and a focus on delivering innovative and client-focused publishing solutions to deliver research dissemination products and services with compelling value propositions.


His experience spans publishing and business strategy, new journal launches and portfolio design, editorial services, and content creation, as well as marketing and social media strategy. Matthew has launched multiple journals and has a proven track record in creating innovative science communication tools, growing high-quality journal content, driving open access and open science, and increasing publishing revenues.

Matthew holds a BSc and PhD in chemistry (Imperial College), is fluent in Japanese and proficient in Mandarin Chinese. He has extensive experience of Asian business cultures.

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