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Scholarly Publishing Unveiled - Akabana Consulting on The Inventive Expert Podcast

"Considerable misconception surrounds scholarly publishing, where the erroneous belief that our role merely involves uploading PDFs authored by scientists to a website persists. In contrast, the reality is that scholarly publishing entails a complex array of responsibilities that extend far beyond this oversimplification."

In fact, scholarly publishers carry out myriad tasks ranging from ensuring content accuracy and reliability to enhancing discoverability, searchability, and reproducibility. This multifaceted role also involves archiving information for perpetuity, adapting to evolving publishing trends, accommodating novel models like open access, and disseminating knowledge to the widest possible audience.

Akabana Consulting was delighted to be interviewed on The Inventive Expert podcast to talk about what scholarly publishers do to serve our communities and protect the integrity of the scholarly record. Watch the video here:

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